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An overview of digital transformation technologies, implications in the Caribbean with no vendor plugs, no ads and no spam. I explore 1 or 2 subjects each week, diving in-depth on the topic, with each edition providing a couple of interesting links and further reading recommendations for your research.

Who is Matthew?

Currently based in Martinique, I started work life building Electric Distribution Panels (Switchgear) to fulfil a dream to become a Design Engineer, but the world of electronics and eventually computing was too enticing…

At 18, I sold my car to buy an Amiga 500 with zero regrets! A sale that sealed my fate in the world of working with and around computers ever since. I currently hold qualifications in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computing and more recently graduated from the prestigious ESSEC Business School based in Paris, France, with a merit in the Operations Management Masters program.

My career has seen me in roles as diverse as Developer, Network Administrator, Network Consultant, Technical Pre-Sales and finally Senior Solutions Architect. I’ve even worked on dry-cleaning machines on Saturdays to help finance my love for digital tools (many years ago, I might add!).

Finally, I quit working for someone else to set up a consulting practice to help small businesses realise their digital strategies. I call it CDOaaS - Chief Digital Officer as a Service. I concentrate on helping them understand the landscape and how best they can develop operations strategies that support their business. I believe that digital operations strategies are largely left undiscussed and unimplemented in small and medium enterprises because of false assumptions about resource allocation and the sexiness of digital marketing. My role is to help you build out supporting technologies and operations that complement all elements in the value chain.

I’m bi-lingual English-French having moved to the French West Indies nearly 15 years ago to pursue a personal wish to speak another language fluently.

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